Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 11/30, A work in progress

Day 11/30

Title: Untitled
Media: Triptych wood panels; graphite, oil pastels, sewing pattern tissue paper, gesso, acrylic, tracing paper, image transfers, transparency, modeling paste, hand-carved stamp, and stenciling.
Size: 4 inches by 6 inches, each panel; larger panel measures approx. 4 inches by 7 1/4 inches.
© 2013 by Martice Smith II.

The theme for WEEK 2 is: {Surface Design & Textiles}

For today's project, I couldn't work as small as I initially set out to do! (That's a good thing, considering my goal to work on a bigger scale, this year.) I rarely create artwork using this triptych style, so, I bit the bullet- so to speak- and dove right in!
Each panel has a story of its own but it also unifies with the other two pieces. (I like to think of it as a close-knit family.)

I want this to be a "work in progress" because it gives me time to slow down and, kind of, walk you through my creation process.

I will have the finished version ready to show you, tomorrow.
DAY 11/30
Here's what the sides look like...graffiti styled lettering!

As always, if you have questions regarding my creative process, please don't hesitate to ask! I don't mind at all ;-).

Well, that's it until tomorrow! See you off to carve some unique stamps...

DAY 11/30, stamp
Getting ready to carve my own stamp, for that extra touch!


  1. That's nice different That's crazy how u soy the thingsu do. ..

    1. Thanks, Kim! That's what happens when you let your imagination run wild :)


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