Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DAY 12/30

DAY 12/30
...continuation of DAY 11

Title: "On a Wing and a Prayer"
Media: graphite, oil pastels, sewing pattern tissue paper, gesso, acrylic, tracing paper, image transfers, transparency, modeling paste, hand-carved stamp, beads, jewelry charms and stenciling.

Size: 4 inches by 6 inches; larger panel measures approx. 4 inches by 7 1/4 inches.
© 2013 by Martice Smith II.

For DAY 12, I decided to continuing working on yesterday's project. It's a triptych with many, many symbolic elements attached. Take a look at some of the photos:

PANEL 1 features: Hand-cut stencil, modeling paste and gold leaf, a braided strand, a metal insect, twisting on wire and oriental charms with hand-strung beads on embroidery floss.

This piece has many architectural elements like screw eyes and sawtooth hangers (on the back)- which instantly gives it more presence, personality and full of narrative symbolism.

PANEL 2 features: a real bird's feather (I'm not sure exactly what kind of bird it came from...would you happen to know??) There's also fiber embedded paper that I folded together and painted gold. These represent prayer cloths.

PANEL 3 features: hand-torn and stitched paper with small, blank prayer booklet, enclosed.

"On a Wing and a Prayer"

Prayer has always been an integral part of my life. My mother has so many inspiring sayings and beautiful gestures to show her love for God.

For example, when we'd dedicate our tithes to the Lord, she would hold an envelope that she folded in half- money tucked inside- and say, "Thank you, Lord Jesus, for blessing us with this money. Now, we give it back to you."

(While reciting this dedication, she would, gently motion her hand side to side, and have the biggest smile EVER! Showing teeth and all.)

~ This was our private way of showing gratitude unto God. ~

I believe that's why my artwork always has an element of inspiration and faith!

Whew!! That's a wrap for  DAYS 11 and 12/30!
Now, I'm off to play catch-up on DAY 13...

See ya on tha flip side! ;-)

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