Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I'm Hosting April Art Challenge

Hey friends!

I'm hosting a 30 day art challenge!* As you know, I'm all about COMMUNITY + encouraging the spirit of creativity in our lifestyles.

This challenge is for anyone who wants to slosh paint around, challenge themselves creatively + surround themselves with other cool artists.

We have all experienced the joy of creating sharing art with others, so let's spread the inspiration around! I created this challenge, in the hope, that you'll discover new ways to make your BOLD marks on the world while inspiring each other to share our work more often. 

Let's make a beautiful mess of color, together!! I hope you will consider joining me in this stress-free, just have FUN, daily challenge. 

*Right click to save these two images, then share on social media.

Here are the details: 

1. choose a journal you ENJOY working in or...make one!

I am altering a children's board book. (Right now, I'm illustrating the cover. I'll be sure to link you to it once it's finished!)
Sneak peek: It's filled with multiple papers + fun textures: phone book paper, canvas sheets + 300lb. watercolor paper. (YUM! My mouth just watered!)

Think about choosing a journal with more than 30 pages.
I'm known to get carried away with a certain technique + spin off doing way more than intended ;-) I hope to continue this exercise long after the 30 day challenge has ended.

2. set a TIMER

Choose whatever time works for you. I wish I could art all day, but, ya know...LIFE happens + I need to make sure I feed myself. LOL!

Automatically DOWNLOAD THE LIST OF PROMPTS HERE for yourself + a friend. It's FREE!

3. SHARE the challenge!

Spread the word + get your art homies involved. There's enough inspiration for everybody!
I will be sharing my challenge pages on my Instagram @MarticeSmithArt + blog. 

Use this daily activity to make art that makes YOU happy. Don't worry if you are unable to commit to each day - there is no such thing as falling behind. In fact, there is no wrong way to approach this. Do what you can. ❤You get mega points just for trying.

Got your list of prompts downloaded? Great! Let me know if you are participating by leaving a comment below OR clicking on the "Tweet" button. 

"I just joined the 30 day art challenge with @MarticeSmithArt! #MarticeSmithArtdaily30"

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Tweet: I just joined the 30 day art challenge with @MarticeSmithArt! #MarticeSmithArtdaily30

I'll see you creative, lovely peeps on Saturday, April 1st (two days before my birthday)!

Happy Creating!

xx Martice

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