Wednesday, April 30, 2014

NEW E-Book Intricate Paper Stencils, PART 1

Hello lovely friends and WELCOME to the newbies, who have just joined us!! Thank you for connecting with me, via my blog, Facebook and other places you've found me. I appreciate YOU ;)

Some of you may have already heard...
I'm so excited to announce that my second article will be published on the Create Mixed Media website, very soon!!

As a special gift to my newsletter subscribers, I want share my brand new, *free* e-book: Intricate Paper Stencils, PART 1

Inside, I will show you a creative exploration of:
10 designs to help you create your own collection of beautifully crafted stencils
• how to use phone book paper + a variety of other papers (gelatin prints / pre-designed papers)
• creating fluid, organic shapes and bold, geometric lines  

If you're like me, it's hard to throw away small paper bits and pieces! I like to save and tuck them away in a storage container so that I can use them in a future collage or some background textures for my illustrations.

Grab your copy! Subscribe here and remember that the e-book will be available as soon as my article + tutorial publishes on the Create Mixed Media Art website.

>> SAVE THE DATE: Sunday, May 4th! <<

Thanks again!
Talk soon,


  1. Oh I can't wait! Love the photo too :)

    1. Madame Ro!! It's always a pleasure to have you drop by ;) Thank you for doing so. Yes, I'm very excited about this upcoming tutorial. I know you'll love it because it's totally customizable AND just about anyone can do it; even the kiddos!

  2. Well done, looking forward to seeing the article. Great blog by the way, blessings for the weekend.

  3. Congrats love!
    Sounds wonderful! I just love your stencil art! :)


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