Thursday, August 28, 2014

My first RubberMoon order + DecoArt sponsorship

My first order from RubberMoon Stamps finally came! It's my welcome package for being on their Creative Dream Team and I tell you what - these are beautifully made and packed with some amazing detail. I'm really excited to start working with them :) 
I also received news that I've been accepted into the DecoArt Helping Artists Program. Yippppeeeee! (This simply means that they're sponsoring me to create art projects, using products from their DecoArt® Inc. company.)

Now, let me show you a closer look at these stamps...
my RubberMoon welcome package :) (Includes Gina's Designs chipboard pieces and ATC and the Art Squares are from Inchie Arts; these are sold separately)

Here's what each stamp looks like, stamped on a piece of scrap paper....

From top, left to right: 
Dear Frida
Kae Pea - New Moon
Large Fern
The Baby has Arrived
Save the Date
Baby Carriage
Sitting in a Tree

I couldn't wait to test these beauties out, so, I jumped right it and created this 4x6 art card, recycled from an old postcard, featuring the Kae Pea - New Moon stamp.  

(Unfortunately, it's not a tutorial...but I hope you'll like it, anyway.)

mixed media art postcard by Martice Smith II

detail, mixed media art postcard by Martice Smith II

detail, mixed media art postcard by Martice Smith II

detail, mixed media art postcard by Martice Smith II

  1.  { Paint Products used }
    Americana 3D Gloss Enamel: Dioxazine Purple & transparent Yellow
    Americana Neons: Fiery Red & Torrid Orange
    Americana Acrylic: Bahama Blue
    DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics: Phthalo Blue
    Tempera paints: Fluorescent Pink & White
  2. { Other products }
    Orange craft foam
    Water soluble pencil
    Blue Sharpie® Pen
    my own, hand-cut cardboard letter stencils
    Crown kraftboard piece from Stampendous! Stack Art Kit

My first post on the RubberMoon Art blog is set for Tuesday, September 23rd.  

Until then, please check the RubberMoon Art blog every Tuesday and Friday to see my team members' projects. These are a bunch of insanely talented women! Go see what all the hype is about - a blog post will be up, tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I am going to the MOON!!!

Well, not literally...but I do have some amazing news I'd love to share with you:

It's official and at last, I can shout-it-from-the-rooftops that: I've been selected to join the creative design team of RubberMoon Stamps!!! Eeeeeekkkk! What a blessing - I'm so honored to be part of this amazing company. 

*** A big 'THANKS' to Kae Pea and the selection committee for this opportunity. ***

It seems a li'l bit ironic, due to the fact that I LOVE gazing up at the moon, day and night. The moon is so mesmerizing and hypnotic to me. I have created some of my best work in the wee hours of the night; just me and the luminous moonlight. All I can say is this: It was meant to be for me!

Martice makes the RubberMoon Creative Dream Team!
RubberMoon | Creative Dream Team

Martice makes the RubberMoon Creative Dream Team!

I'm one of the 6 new people they've chosen, from over 40 submissions! Wow! Someone pinch me!  Also, some of the alumni (past RubberMoon contributors) will be joining, as well. Our term starts this month and ends in December.

You can find my posts, once a month, on their first project will be published later this month!

Please click here to meet all of our team members. I think you will be impressed!

Make sure you visit the RubberMoon blog every Tuesday and Friday to see our art projects and be inspired!

Friday, August 1, 2014

::TUTORIAL::Designer Block Puzzle

You will never believe how many combinations you can get from only 6 simple designs! What would you guess : 100? what about 250? Nope, there are waaaaaaay more combinations than that!

Try wrapping yo head around this: there are OVER 10 MILLION *different* combinations!!! Yes, my friend, you read my typing correctly.

Actually, to be more exact, there are 10,0007600!!!

See the full tutorial on how to make your own! >>> Designer Block Puzzle
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