Monday, August 28, 2017


Such an incredible opportunity to be featured + to be interviewed by Arkansas Style + Tech in July.

The interview is in a comic book style. I think it's sooo cool! Come learn more about my story + creative process!

A lil back story for ya:

3 months ago, I was setting my quarterly intentions for me + my biz. I wrote on a neon pink sticky note that I was gonna "be on the cover of a freakin' amazing art magazine". I didn't know what magazine that would be or how to make it happen.

Nevertheless, I kept the 'reminder' on my studio desk. Every time I saw it, I forced myself to read it out loud.

I kid you not; within 3 months, BOOM💥! It happened + I was sho nuff ready for it 😂.

So yeah, you can read more by clicking here > > 'Interview with Arkansas Style + Tech'

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Digital goodies just landed in my shop

Happy August, my creative lovelies,

I have a new, digital goodies alert for you!!

Feast your eyes on my brand new, graffiti-styled downloadable STICKERS!

"Tribal Chic" collection of Collage Stickers from
"Tribal Chic" collection of Collage Stickers from Martice Smith Art + Design

I wanted to offer an affordable option for you to get my art in your hands + into your own awesome creations. (If you have any suggestions on other products you'd want, please message me via the Contact form on my website.)

(Seriously, I'm like a toddler, running around the playground + squealing with joy over these boldly saturated beauties!) This collection has been all types of FUN. What's not to love? 

I've designed TWO sets - both are inspired by the symbols, tribal mark-making + grungy textures found throughout my artwork.

My hope is that these stickers, not only infuses joyful color into your world but also:

  • Make you feel loved, encouraged + makes your creative process even more magical. 

Basically, the more colors you have, the better you'll feel. It's science.


You have the option of getting BOTH SETS of stickers as a bundle!

With the BUNDLE, you'll receive:
  • 24 hi-quality unique stickers (instead of 12)
  • unlimited reprints! Save the PDF to your computer + print them out as many times as you want

 Bundle of Collage Stickers from
"Tribal Chic" BUNDLE of Collage Stickers from Martice Smith Art + Design

From my heart to yours, the "Tribal Chic" collection of stickers is now available!

P.S. When you purchase any set of stickers, you get *unlimited* reprints!

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