Friday, November 15, 2013

Day 15/30 - I'm HALFWAY there!

Hey, y'all! It's DAY 15 and you know what that means, right?! Today is **officially** the "half-way-done mark" of my 30 day art challenge! Man, oh, man...where has the time gone? Now, I shall reflect on this challenge...

I had an idea of what I was getting myself into when I launched this challenge, however, I did not expect for it to take so much intense energy and commitment to push out an artwork EVERY SINGLE DAY! Wow! I had that much crazy motivation in me to do it...but this challenge is not as scary as you might think!

Today, I'm taking a time-out to thank you for your comments, suggestions, critiques, motivation, support, "likes" and shares (via this blog and my Facebook art page). You have helped me get to this point!
For those who really didn't think I could pull this off, I thank you, too! It just proves that if someone has this kind of great faith within themselves, it's very unlikely you could shake that!

As I've been working each day, I really haven't had the time to analyze my creations. It kind of feels odd for me not to do so but I'm enjoying the process of making art and getting it out there to you. Breaking it down into a week-by-week schedule, has really lifted the pressure of overwhelm. (Just look at it as 7 days at a time and in no time, 7 art pieces will be born!)
I am so glad I decided to tackle this 30 day art challenge and humbled to know that you're on this journey- right along with me.
Now, I shall reflect more on this challenge..."See" you tomorrow. Have a great weekend ;-)

Did you miss any of my posts from {WEEK 2} or would you like to revisit a post and leave a comment for me? If so, click on any of the daily posts, below, to get started!
  • DAYS 8 & 9: textural, abstract backgrounds
  • DAY 10: more abstract backgrounds, inspired by architecture
  • DAY 11: an inspirational prayer triptych with symbolic charms
  • DAY 12: a continuation of DAY 11...view final project
  • DAYS 13 & 14: keepin' things simple with bold colors, spray paint and embroidery techniques

 * * * The theme for WEEK 3 is: {Travel} * * *

Creatively yours,

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  1. It has been cool to follow your work and for ever well be...I could only amagine being that pencil that paint brush that marker that Sharpie that phone book paper the true emotions that come out of you are always closed until your final work is done and completed so thank you


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