Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Day 19/30: Morocco

Hello friends! 
My muse is back! I'm so happy to be working in the studio like I want and need to. Even though I've had a little dry-spell these past two days, I've used it to my advantage.

Sometimes, it's best to get up and do something totally different than what you're doing in order for the inspiration/motivation to flow again. So that's what I did...

I've always been mesmerized by geometric patterns. The undulating shapes, bold and vibrant colors, rich and ancient history, all packed into the overall designs. What a visual feast! 

The inspiration for today's project is from Moroccan culture.  I decided to create my own wall-art decor from a couple of small canvases and some luscious paint I picked up from my local hardware store. (Acrylic paint would definitely work, as well! Just trying something different, here.)

Day 19/30
Martice Smith II DAY 19/30_Morocco

Martice Smith II DAY 19/30_Morocco

First, I created my own designs, based off Moroccan home, interior decor and architecture. (Simple and large shapes seem to work best for me. No need to over-complicate it!)
Then, I painted the canvases in bright colors, and finally, I transferred each design to my canvases and added more paint. 

I started out making stencils of each design but, later on, I decided not to use them. I wanted these paintings to reflect movement and the aesthetic of the handmade to be obvious. I'm OK with imperfections- it's the imperfections that make this project uniquely mine.

See ya later ;)

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