Thursday, July 10, 2014

Art Journal & my two brayers

Today, I'll be sharing days 9 & 10 of Traci Bautista's Printmaking challenge with you! If you're just joining me here - WELCOME! Jump right in if you wanna play :)

All you need to do is upload your photo from any or all of the creative prompts, to your social media platform.

Oh! Don't forget to use hashtag #printmaking unleashed (without the space in between the two words) so everyone who is playing along can see it too!

Here's the chart of creative prompts
printmaking unleashed chart

Day 9: Art Journal

This particular art journal keeps a collection of my various collages, textures, handwritten letters & notes and gelli printing papers.

 Day 10: Brayer
 Such a simple looking tool but extremely versatile in terms of application techniques. I use two kinds of brayers: a 3.5 inch, hard rubber brayer (pictured below) and a 4 inch, soft rubber Speedball brayer.

I like to use the hard rubber brayer to get uneven textures in my paint, like this:
Martice Smith II's brayer: 3.5 inch hard rubber
This is my first experiment with foam stamping...I loved this technique! Simple process: draw onto the foam (with firm pressure), ink the "plate", then stamp.
 The second brayer is used for stamping, applying paint to journals, printing plates, etc. It is very important not to scratch the surface of this brayer. Any impressions will affect your final print.
Martice Smith II's brayer: 4 inch hard rubber by Speedball
This brayer is called a "Pop-in"; the soft rubber part can be popped out and cleaned.

Martice Smith II's brayer: 4 inch hard rubber by Speedball
Here, I used my Speedball brayer to ink a hand-carved chevron stamp on a phone book page.

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