Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Color palette + a peek at my studio table

I absolutely LOVE *anything* that sparkles with bright colors, textures, and interesting patterns! Here's a look at my color palette / "flair tray" some items that are inspiring me, at the moment...
Day 7! The prompt for today is "Color palette"
a glimpse of Martice Smith II's inspirational color palette
A few of these items were thrifted or found at estate sales, like the yarn, batik fabric, picture frame, and "Blessed" note cards.
Other things are: 
 • black and gold trimmed peep-toe boot •
• denim fabric (which is actually a paintbrush holder that I designed and made) •
• patterns that reflect my Native American Indian heritage; like chevrons, stylized eagles/water/sun •
sewing embellishments
decorative office supplies/paper/painting palette

a glimpse of Martice Smith II's inspirational color palette
Here's one of my favorite vintage-styled earrings! (The other one isn't pictured)  They were designed to replicate the 1950s era. The set of notecards has a biblical scripture on the cover, that reads: "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God." ~ Matthew 5:8 ~

Day 8! The prompt for today is "Studio table"
I think it's fun to share art spaces with other artists! I'm glad to have taken this opportunity to show you a tiny glimpse of mine. 

My work area, pretty much, stays organized because I'm working in such a small space. However, while I'm busy creating, I never worry about things being out of place.

This is my work table for creating my mixed-media/traditional works.

(I do have another area in my house where I work with a Wacom tablet and a laptop/desktop computer...but, that's kinda boring compared to this area!)

a glimpse of what's on Martice's studio desk
Here is something that I just created! A large, hand-carved chevron stamp, stamped on a piece of scrap paper. Also, see that white carousel on the left side? That's my new "toy"! I love it because it holds so much stuff + it turns 360 degrees!! Other new stuff includes the Derwent tin of 24 Inktense pencils and glitter and mica flakes set by Stampendous.

a glimpse of what's on Martice's studio desk

a glimpse of what's on Martice's studio desk
These are 3 postcards I recently created, using image transfer techniques with clear package tape. Have you seen the tutorial? It was just published! You can check it out here

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detail of new work by Martice Smith II
Finally, here's a little sneaky peek at an illustration that I'm currently working on. I can hardly wait to reveal it to you! Some special things are brewing over here at Martice Smith II - Illustration & Design Studio!!!!

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