Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Printmaking Unleashed: Catch up #2!

The journey continues!!

I'm continuing from a previous post, Printmaking Unleashed: Catch up #1!, with short descriptions of each creative prompt. Nothing in-depth like the previous ones, but still something to keep your interest!

 If you are curious about a prompt, please ASK me about it! I'd be glad to share more info...

***** I've included a list of all the Printmaking Unleashed prompts that I've completed, at the end of Printmaking Unleashed: Catch up #1! (Scroll to the bottom, look for the title in RED) *****

Let's get started!

Day 21 of 31: Digital Layers
Well, what better project to share than this one?! This is just one of two of my illustrations to get PUBLISHED on the Dan Eldon website for their weekly feature "The Journey is the Inspiration".
Illustration by Martice Smith II. Published on & Day 21-Printmaking Unleashed
If you haven't read my article, please do so and leave some comment love :)

Day 22: Silkscreen

I love, love, love this technique! I mean, silkscreen/screen printing has been around for ages, ya know? I figured out a really simple and quick way to D.I.Y Silkscreen, with stuff I bet you already have...tutorial coming up!

Items used to create this silkscreen print: 6 inch embroidery hoop, stencil, organza fabric, red acrylic paint, and white china marker.
I used one of my hand-cut stencils as a bold graphic for this blue card. White china marker was used to give the illusion of movement. 
Ooooh, look at that beautiful texture!
another print on cardstock, embellished with Tulip Pearl dimensional paint...

Now, these are my FAVE! Prints that look like tribal markings; very ornate + whimsical...

Stencil used in these silkscreen prints: Art Nouveau from StencilGirl. Cardstock + gelli printed phone book pages with my graffiti...yummy colors, yes please!

Day 23: Markers + Pens

This photo only shows part of my marker, pen + pencil collection...I'm a collector and I get it from my Mama, ha haaa! (We have bundles of 'em, secured with rubber shame here!) If you're wondering if I ever use all of these, the answer is "YES!"

My favorites are the Sketch and Wash (water soluble pencil), blue fine point Sharpie®, Mickey Mouse pointer, chiseled tip markers and the waterbrush.

Day 24: Painted Fabric

Screenprint on vintage fabric by Mixed Media Artist Martice Smith II
Printed on vintage fabric using a silkscreen technique

Day 25: Handmade tool...coming soon!

...Stay tuned, there's more to come...

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