Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hot Glue Stencil as Design

Today marks day 3 of Traci Bautista's Printmaking challenge! The creative prompt is hot glue stencils. I've already created a mixed media painting using these easy to make (and clever!) stencils, so I'll be showing you that.

If you followed me, last year in November, during my 30 day illustration challenge, you would've seen this painting. I named it "Tigress"...

Media: graphite, acrylic, Yupo paper cut-outs, gold leaf, ink pens, hot glue gun stencil, feather, plastic bird confetti, sewing pattern tissue, phone book pages and gesso on canvas. 
Size: 8 inches by 10 inches
© 2013 by Martice Smith II.

detail view of "Tigress"; close up of hot glue stencil

 If you are interested in seeing my illustrations from my 30 day challenge, they are all listed on this blog, under NOVEMBER 2013.

Subscribers to my newsletter get exclusive content with from each illustration! They have all been archived in my newsletter.

See progress shots and more details, here:

30 Illustrations in 30 Days: A Mixed Media Artist's Soiree by Martice Smith II

I'm still debating whether or not to do this challenge again, this year...I'll be sure to let you know if I do!

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