Sunday, July 13, 2014

A mixed up, doodled collagraph

I've never made a collagraph print before...from my understanding, a collagraph is kind of like a stamp...if you know more about them, please share some info!

here's the approach I took with the collagraph prompt
Day 12: Collagraph of cardboard and foam by Martice Smith II
For both collagraphs, I used a USPS mailing envelope as the base (printing plate). For the first collagraph, I used Mod Podge® to glue on some cereal box (Captain Crunch!) cardboard shapes. (That bottom piece is from yesterday's prompt.)

some close-ups of the collagraph...
Day 12: Collagraph of cardboard by Martice Smith II
I didn't like the look of the yarn when I printed onto the paper. It looked too fuzzy and unintentional. It looks pretty on the collagraph plate, though!
Day 12: Collagraph of cardboard by Martice Smith II
Here's another collagraph I've started. I used a USPS cardboard mailing envelope and glued some heavy-duty cardboard on top. I also added some yarn, which you can see in the lower, right-hand corner.

Day 13: Doodle 
I pulled a few test prints to see if my collagraph would behave properly. Let me just say, I'm glad I went into this with the mindset "Oh, I'm just gonna play around and experiment". Ha! I now have a *new* pile of paper to scrap and reuse in future projects...

HOWEVER, I did not give up! That's the key, here :) Since my collagraph print didn't come out as expected (it looked a bit unfinished, to me), I decided to give it a new life. I combined days 12 and 13 and "a mixed up, doodle collagraph" was born! 

All I did was embellish my print with acrylics and a few dots of metallic 3-d paint. I like it much better, this way. What do you think?
Day 13: Doodle, detail by Martice Smith II
I can't help but ask: don't those two swirls, on the left side of the page, look like googly eyes?!

Day 13: Doodle, detail by Martice Smith II

I hope you enjoyed days 12 and 13!

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