Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Radiant Neon Amplify! | Product Review

Have you ever tried the new Radiant Neon Amplify! writers?
No? Well, now is a good time to start! I'll show you a few ways to use these bad boys in my product review, which has been published on the Mixed Media Art website.

(Side note: I get so jazzed when my articles and tutorials get published...even though I am on the Article Writers Team, which means, tutorials are to be expected every month. To me, it's like watching my dream unfold all over again, each time.)

This month, I had the wonderful opportunity to play (oops! I mean "work") with a new line of paint products from Imagine Crafts + write up a helpful review.

Selection of Radiant Neon Amplify! writers | Product Review

Splash a bit of neon color on your mixed-media art creations! I'm sharing my review of the Radiant Neon Amplify! Writers by Imagine® Crafts. Discover how versatile and playful you can be with these products. Learn how to use them on the Gelli Arts® - Gel Printing plate, in your art journal and even with a stencil. After this review, you'll be wanting to add the Radiant Neon Amplify! Writers to your art supply stash!

I even used a few of these colors in my Art Journal Flip Thru VIDEO!

Can you guess which warm colors I used? 

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