Monday, May 18, 2015

SOUL reminders, continued

Your goal is simple: you want to share your artwork online, without feeling so intimidated.

...but insecurity stands in your way...I get it.

You're all giddy to share your cool art photos, so you go to the computer, upload your photos…

you get distracted, start browsing social media + you see the mass of gorgeous artworks flooding your newsfeed, scroll after scroll…the more you look, the more depressed you become.


BOOM!! You stop, dead-in-your-tracks.

You think to yourself: "My friends + family are gonna wonder why I'm suddenly calling myself an ARTIST",Or, "What if they don't 'get' me"?

You start imagining people's facial expressions when they look at your art…you wonder if they are gonna turn up their nostrils like it's some 3-day old tomato + onion sandwich, topped with Uncle Anthony's 'specialty' sauce packed with unknown ingredients.

You cancel your upload, deciding to put sharing on hold - maybe even say something like "Oh, I'll just post it later, when I have the time".

You + I both know good 'n well that ain't happenin'.

Do you ever feel like sharing YOUR work online is just like this?

Well, I use to! Heck yeah, I'll be the first to admit it.

That Mr. Nasty Doubt still tries to lurk but ever since I started writing down my SOUL reminders, he gets a K.O. (knockout). Every time.

I believe these insecure thoughts come from a place of being ungrounded within ourselves.

Truth is, not everyone will like every single piece of artwork you share…and that's OK!

However, there is always someone that will. Just give it time for them to arrive. There is no artwork that's wasted - especially if you put your heart into it.

Here's one quick trick to end your insecurity nightmares:

Write a list of things that makes YOU shine.

Simply, write down things you admire about yourself.

*need ideas? read my SOUL reminders, here*

SOUL reminders - Collage freebie
This freebie is 8.5" x 11"; contains (1) journaling list (1) journaling card + (2) sticker labels.
Designed using my own hand-carved stamps, brushwork + hand-lettering. Enjoy!

Because sharing should be fun + you should like sharing your art YOUR WAY.

My special request…
My goal is to empower creatives, like you, to build up with positive, internal language. The best way I can do that is by knowing more about YOU. And the way you speak to yourself.

Besides, that's what friends do, right?

Please share your #1 SOUL reminder in the comments section of this blog post.

Hey, we all should talk to ourselves a little more often. Let's make those words positive!

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