Apr 16, 2015

New Video Series: Art Journal Flip Thru 1

I am super excited to announce my *new* series of videos, giving YOU the inside scoop on my visual journaling process + creative lettering skills.

Sit back, enjoy luscious layers, explosion of color, bold + empowering messages, straight from my heart to yours.

These will be short videos, under 3 minutes - just enough to re-energize your creative palette + have you trying out techniques TODAY!

Art Journal Flip Thru #1 by Martice Smith II

    This isn’t your average "peek inside my art journal" video.
    Let me explain:
      • This is where you are given permission to play + explore new techniques, delivered in high-quality production...
      • This is where you get to ask your most burning questions about mixed-media art journaling (without feeling intimidated) + soak up all the in-depth, expert advice like a sponge...
      • This is the time to be nourished, uplifted in spirit + connect with other creatives...
      • This is the place where you allow your free-style imagination to run wild; to find the courage to make BIG changes...to always DECLARE that your creative expression matters!

      This is my platform to demystify the ideas of the "perfect" art page + reveal my process of intuitive art-making by showing you how I work.

      Discover how you can go from lack of personal style to overflowing with new ideas that you can barely keep up with yourself!! You will never suffer from "white page syndrome" when you're learning from me!

      Well, it seems like you get my point now, right? Great!

      I hope you enjoy Art Journal Flip Thru #1!

      (If you cannot view the video, click HERE. Allow video to fully load before playing in HD.)

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      Oh, look! There's MORE! 

      I will also share a few of my techniques via tutorials so that you can recreate these pages in your own way.
      (If you are a regular reader of my blog, many of them will be familiar to you but there is always something new in the making, over here in my studio.)

      Art Journal Flip Thru #1 
      :: Feature Techniques::

      Hand-carving large flower stamp by Martice Smith II; http://bitly.com/StampCollection-Super-size

      Package Tape Tutorial by Martice Smith II; http://bit.ly/PackingTapeTransfer

      Handmade #FoamStamps & #Printing Plates Tutorial http://bit.ly/FoamStamps-PrintingPlates

      **Other products include:
      DecoArt's Media Fluid Acrylics
      Americana multi-surface acrylics
      black gesso 
      liquid glass
      Alphabet Stencil (Andy Skinner; DecoArt)

      Crackle Paint 
      Gelli Arts® - Gel Printing Plate 
      Deconstructed Floral Bouquet (from StencilGirl)

      What techniques you are dying to learn? Don't hold back - let me know your TOP 3 journaling techniques you are having trouble with or wish to learn more about.

      sending you love, with paint-covered hands!


      1. HI everyone! The hour long Q&A session has started! Yayy! Don't be shy - throw your questions at me and I'll do my very best to answer as many as I can. Topics include: faith art journaling, how to add layers without the bulk (in your journaling Bible or in another journal), gelli plate printing, tips + advice on how you can develop your own stand out style + MORE! Let's GOOO!

      2. ok.. I am checking in.. I love your book flip u shared here

      3. I don't have stories or anything behind my art.. or what inspires colors.. (so i think) So how do you know.. if you have a story..or a style?

        1. Hi Tamiko! Thanks for checking in. I believe everyone has a story - you express yours differently than everyone else - and that's OK! It would be too boring if we all did the same thing, wouldn't it? When you create a piece of art, it doesn't require some deep, over-the-top meaning to be considered "art". If it makes YOU happy, create more of that. Paint with the colors YOU like. I do recommend changin' up, experiment with different media, sometimes. Progress not perfection, my friend. Make sense?

      4. I would love to be able to find my own style. So, how do I go about that?

        1. Hi Donna! Have you ever noticed yourself being very particular to have specific tools/supplies for your mixed media projects? Well, this is just a small part of finding your style! Give yourself a 21 day challenge but with a little twist. Try limiting what supplies or colors you'll use to about 5 different things. Doing this should challenge you enough to push your comfort zone. If you notice yourself repeating certain techniques over and over again, that's a good indicator that that preference helps to develop your unique style.

      5. Beautiful. Love how you worked your pages

        1. Thank you so much, Denise! So glad to have you visit me :) it's a very nice surprise!!

      6. Just discovered your blog thru Seth Apter. Love it! Your journal is gorgeous and very inspiring. Look forward to seeing more!

        1. Oh, hi Carol! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. It's great seeing you here. Yes! You will be seeing more of these. Stay tuned!


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