Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Some days I just goof around...

Today was one of dem days! Why? Because I have received some awesome news concerning new directions in my art biz.

Can you imagine someone just dancing, for like, an hour straight?! OK, I admit: I dance like that all the time, with my goofy self, but today was extra special that I chucked confetti all over my studio. LOL! 

...before I leave to continue my jam fest, I just want to speak these encouraging words to you, my friend:

ALWAYS aim for your best. Never allow anyone or any thing to stop you from blossoming into what you are meant to be. You may not get another chance so receive the blessing while it's in your favor. Yes! Do it right now! Claim it as yours by speaking it into existence.

I know firsthand how the power of FAITH works.

I will be announcing the news to my lovely newsletter subscribers, first. So, if you're not a subscriber, go ahead and click on the newsletter image (at the end of this post) to secure your spot on my list. Thank you!

Of course, you're welcome to bring a friend (or two) so we can all celebrate together! You better believe gifts will be involved!

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Photograph + graffiti doodles; digital illustration of Martice Smith II.
Photograph + graffiti doodles; digital illustration of Martice Smith II.

P.S. I just updated my website's About page with this super cool, photo illustration of me.

Want your portrait done like this? Shoot me an email, here :)

I'll "see" in the Uneek Art Letter!

Peace + Love

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