Friday, February 27, 2015

Handmade Foam Stamps and Printing Plates

Ever wonder how to create your own printing plates for printmaking? What about designing unique foam stamps? If so, I have just the tutorial, for you!

Learn how to make your own stamps in under 5 minutes with BASIC supplies. Seriously, you probably have these things around the house...somewhere.

Unleash your creativity by adding layers of patterns and textures to your art!
(The full tutorial has been published over on the Creating Mixed Media Art website.)

Handmade Foam Stamps and Printing Plates

Basic supplies you will need: 
• a sturdy backing, like cardboard
• scissors
• craft foam (you can get this at your local craft supply store; I purchased mine from a Dollar Tree.
  A package of 20 sheets for $1!)

After working through this new tutorial, you will have created one-of-a-kind collage backgrounds using handmade foam stamps and printing them on delicate surfaces and baby wipes. (Yup, baby wipes...clean ones only ;-)

Handmade Foam Stamps and Printing Plates; tutorial by Martice Smith II

Handmade Foam Stamps & Printing Plates | full tutorial RIGHT HERE

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