Wednesday, June 28, 2017

New art to bring joy into your space. My new shop is OPEN!

Hey abundant, creative lovelies!
A li'l miracle was born in the wee hours of the night, on Thursday, at 8:57 pm. I want to officially announce the arrival of my...


::Cue HALLELUJAH music for the singing baby unicorns!::

Seriously tho, this art shop has been a true labor of love. I've relied on word of mouth for awhile (which has been great) but this feeling of having all my best work in a central place for you, is incomparable.

I love how so many of you have cheered + encouraged me to do this. 

(I've got butterflies in my tummy from being so nervous about this new venture; not knowing how people will respond...but I'm HOPEFUL + believe in miracles!)

The feature collection is called "SHOP MY INSTA".

Martice Smith Art + Design | Shop

This collection features high-quality art prints from the 30 day art challenge I hosted in April.

(Fun, behind-the-scenes moment: my favorite part of setting up shop was writing the product descriptions!)
I'd love for you to come by / buy + please let me know what you think of my li'l art shop! (I just LOVE saying that!)

 Shop now in Martice's new online art shop!

I have another collection in the works! If you would love to see something else from my Instagram feed in the shop, please let me know, via email or leave a comment below.

I am SO grateful that I have an online BFF (like you) to celebrate right along with me!
Your support + encouragement means so much to me. My shop wouldn't be a success without you!

High-fives + confetti toss!

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