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Pantone Inspired Abstract Art

 Pantone Inspired Abstract Art - Large Scale Color Swatch

Pantone Inspired Abstract Art

Hi friends!
Today, I’m sharing how to create a large scale color swatch using DecoArt's new Americana® Premium™ acrylicswhich are now available at select Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft stores.

I've included a downloadable color guide, below, so you can see the entire range of colors.

This project is great for the color-mixing-challenged folks. Super simple, I pinky promise! There's no exact rule on how to mix the colors - we are just gonna layer them one-by-one, on top of each other. Simple + instant happiness, which I know you love!

With all of the colorful frenzy happening in my studio, this muted pink was the perfect color to bring a sense of calm + more feminine energy.

This isn't just a simple, solid-color swatch - it’s layered with multiple colors so that it gives the illusion of depth. Let's get's what you'll need:

Products Used:
DecoArt Americana Premium Acrylics:
  • Titanium White
  • Titan Buff
  • Primary Magenta

Supplies Used:
  • Watercolor paper
  • Paint palette
  • Paint brushes (flat, wide bristle brushes)
  • Container of water
  • Picture frame (16”x16”)
  • Black marker
  • Pencil + eraser
  • Utility knife + cutting board

Time to complete: 1 hour (includes drying time!)

Pantone Inspired Abstract Art by Martice Smith Art + Design
Step One: Clean the frame + cut out paper
I purchased a frame from my local thrift store + gave it a good cleaning because it had a lot of yucky dust buildup. If your frame has a cardboard backing, make sure you keep it as you’ll need to use it later to keep everything snuggly inside the frame.
Next, I cut a 16"x16" piece of watercolor paper. This will be our Pantone swatch.

Step Two: Draw lines to create the Pantone box
I don’t know about you but I don’t mind getting messy while creating art! I drew a border around the paper to represent the space where I'd paint.

One inch borders on the top, left, and right side. The bottom has a four inch border.

Pantone Inspired Abstract Art - Mixing Colors

Pantone Inspired Abstract Art by Martice Smith Art + Design

Pantone Inspired Abstract Art by Martice Smith Art + Design
Step Three: Paint the color swatch
Don’t be afraid to paint outside of the box! In fact, the messier the paint strokes, the better.

(Notice the test swatch! I referenced the exact Pantone color, "Pale Dogwood".)

Squeeze out the acrylics onto your paint palette.

Take a large bristle paintbrush + apply the colors to the paper. You don't need to wait until each layer is dry - keep adding colors until you're satisfied with the color.

Order of application:
First layer of color: Titan Buff
Second layer of color: Titanium White
Third layer of color: a small dip of Primary Magenta.
(These premium colors are highly pigmented so, literally, a dip into the Primary Magenta will quickly change the mixture.)

Pantone Inspired Abstract Art - DIY paint swatch

Step Four: Add hand-lettering
Using a pencil, write the words on the Pantone swatch then trace with a black marker. Erase pencil lines.

Finally, add a pun to make it fun! I love a clever play on words.
Mine says “I have a blush on hue”. (This is a play on the phrase ‘I have a crush on you”.)

Step Five: Reassemble the frame + hang on wall
Carefully place everything pack into your frame + admire your new Pantone inspired abstract art!
Pantone Inspired Abstract Art | Martice Smith Art + Design
Still curious about these awesome acrylics? Watch the video to learn more about 'em...

Download Color Guide - Americana Premium Acrylics

Download Color Guide - Americana Premium Acrylics

Americana® Premium Acrylics™ provide an intermediate-level, artist-grade tube acrylic at an affordable price point. YES! ::insert all the heart eyes::

They're similar to the Americana acrylics that you may already be using. However, these premium acrylics are medium-bodied...just a bit thicker than the craft ones.

They are intermixable which means that they blend well with other paint brands so that you can have #allthecolors! I also appreciate the flip tops which makes them super easy to use.

Happy creating!

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  1. This looks glorious, can't wait to do it!

    1. Thank you, Judy! I'd love to see what you create. Be sure to tag me!


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