Friday, October 31, 2014

Exciting announcement: I AM TEACHING!

Hello awesome art gang!  

Eeeeeeeee! (You know anytime a sentence starts like this, something great has happened.) Well, well, well, my friends, the secret is finally out...

I was invited to teach in an online workshop, created by Tiare Smith Designs! Yiipppeee!

These past two months, I've been working behind-the-scenes with 7 wonderful artists for a *brand new* amazing, online workshop...Many of you have asked and now you've got it!
YES - that's right! I will be teaching in a workshop in 2015. 

In my class, you can expect to learn: 

vibrant, intuitive painting,
doodling personal symbols,
stenciling and low-tech screen printing technique (incorporating bold, tribal symbols).

Just so you all know: this will be my *very first* online course...I'm all kinds of excited and nervous energy right now! Please send great wishes and vibes my way :)

I present to you 'My Color is Beautiful Art 2015'!
My Color is Beautiful Art, 2015 Workshop

This workshop is sparkly, beautiful and filled with an INCREDIBLE line up of teachers! (Hello Tiare Smith, Mystele, Kiala Givehand and other incredible ladies!) Wow! It is so rewarding to do something of this magnitude for soooo many people.

I'm just overjoyed with being invited to teach...I'm sitting here daydreaming about the countless lives this workshop is going to enrich and how much FUN we're gonna have!  

Alright, here's the scoop:
Join us for the 'My Color is Beautiful Art' Blog Hop on Saturday, November 1st - 9th, 2014 at
Tiare Smith Designs


We're having GIVEAWAYS!!!  
Be sure to stop by each day during the hop and leave a comment for multiple chances at winning a seat in the workshop.  

Get ready! This one is for YOU!


You'll hear more from me tomorrow! Peace...


  1. Exciting news Martice!! Congratulations and positive energy for your new adventure.

  2. Congrats Martice! So very cool to teach!

  3. I am so happy for you Martice. Your art and energy is a gift to all of us. Congrats!

  4. I am over the moon excited for you, Miss Martice! And I did go to Tiara's blog to comment for a chance to win - but I may sign up even if I don't win. My best to you and I know you'll do wonderfully - you are an excellent artist and I think being an instructor is a natural progression for you…Best of luck and BLESSINGS!!!

  5. How cool for you! Would love to win a seat in this! I love to learn and a class is a great way to do that!


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