Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Illustrated Scripture Prints now in shop

Hey sweet friends!

Last week, I was in complete "struggle mode" trying to narrow down color palettes for an illustrated scripture print I designed. 

There were a total of 8 different color combos. Naturally, I wanted to offer them all BUT the editor in me showed remarkable restraint + I was able to narrow my choices down to 3. ::whew! that was tough!::

With these 3 color combos, I hit up my favorite place for some feedback: Instagram.

full disclosure: You know I had to make one of the options all the colors, right? I mean, you already know I'm color-obsessed + wouldn't mind rolling around like a three year old in a boat load of rainbow glitter confetti...but that's beside the point!

A poll was created + within minutes I knew which color combos were the most popular. (Thanks Instagram tribe!) 

I was excited to learn so many people share my love of bright, cheery colors + voted for the 'Gimme all the colors!' option. 

I did an impromptu photoshoot in my small studio so that I could show off the illustrated print in a cute way. (Check out those disco balls. I just love their fun vibe, don't you?) 

The second most popular choice was 'Simple Black'. (I added a splash of red just because I like to be extra sometimes.)

The third choice has a muted background. Tints of blue, grey, + soft pink. Yeah, this one has a totally different vibe than the first two designs.

All 3 designs have just been listed + are now available in my SHOP! As a thank you gift, I also threw in a really cool (free!) BONUS GIFT for ya: 

Receive a BONUS GIFT with purchase! A set of 12 collage stickers from my Tribal Chic collection. ($10 value)

A set of 12 collage stickers! This set is from my Tribal Chic collection. (Inspired by abstract + intuitive mark making + graffiti.)

Display your love of Christ in your space with a downloadable art print. 

I hope you enjoy these gifts + have a wonderful holiday season. 
Surround yourself with people you love, people who uplift + support you + most of all, remember to do the things that make your heart pitter patter with JOY!

As always, thank you for your love + support!
xoxo Martice

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