Saturday, August 22, 2015

Belladonna inspiration and Yummilicious collage papers

Hey hey, lovelies!
I LOVE going for early morning meditation walks. During my walk yesterday, I saw these gorgeous Belladonna lilies and quickly took a photo of them to share with you + I knew they would inspire me to play, once I got back in the studio...

Even though portions of these flowers are wilting, I find beauty in it all.
** Do you see how the centers of the lilies resemble mini suns? 
** Take a closer look: notice the subtle change of bubblegum pink color fading into a warm tan color as the flower wilts away.
** the grass is dead YET these are still blooming!

Perfect example of how WE should find ways to THRIVE in less than ideal circumstances.

Belladonna Lilies; Color palette inspiration from Martice's nature walk
Belladonna Lilies; Color palette inspiration from my nature walk

Side note: I just realized these compliment my sizzlin' Summer colors! Hmmm, makes me wonder if I could be looking for these colors, subconsciously...

Back in the studio, I imported my picture into Photoshop. I selected 5 colors directly from the picture (using the eyedropper tool), to create my own color palette. 

My idea was to design a collection of collage papers ONLY using these colors + white. Ha! Not as hard as I thought it would be!

Guess what? There will be an awesome collection of these yummilicous papers, so keep watch!
 (Better yet, you should join my MUSELetter to know when they're released.)

Each collage paper overflows with intricate stamp + stencil detailing, abstract shapes, patterns, doodling, mantras + of course, it wouldn't be me if it didn't have bold COLOR IMPACT!

Take a look at this one on my desk...
Yummilicious Collage Papers by Martice Smith II
Yummilicious Collage Papers by Martice Smith II

For these collage papers, I mixed my own colors, using: DecoArt Media Fluid acrylics:
Pyrrole Orange
Quinacridone Magenta

DecoArt Americana acrylics:
Banana Cream
Dragon Fruit
Yellow Ochre 

other tools: 
8"x10" Gelli Arts® - Gel Printing Plate
Handmade Foam Stamps and Printing Plates (click to see tutorial!)

Enjoy the sunshine + inspire yourself! Happy creating :)


  1. Your decorated paper is amazing...absolutely beautiful!

    1. Hi Susan, thank you so much! I'm glad you like it, too!

  2. Fabulous! I've been thinking about printing/stamping on a skirt in similar colors.

    1. That would look fabulous, Helena! Go for it :) I'd love to your skirt when you finish it.

  3. Beautiful flowers and beautiful art, cousin! :)


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