Sunday, November 30, 2014

Creating Washi Tape with Masking Tape

Washi tape seems to be one of those "must-have" art supplies among us mixed-media + collage artists.

I bet you have seen many varieties of this delicate, transparent tape - decorated in just everything you can imagine. You can find washi tape in varying widths + decorated with glitter, butterflies, mustaches (ha haa), text, numbers, faces, inspirational words, scriptures (my fave!)...the list goes on.

I finally decided to try my hand at making my very own - you know - so I don't spend a fortune on buying them. This girl likes to buy in bulk! So, my experiment begins... 

Creating Washi Tape with Masking Tape

Creating Washi Tape with masking tape, by Martice Smith II

I already had two rolls of semi-transparent masking tape on hand, so I used them. (You can purchase them from the Dollar Store, too!)

Next, I had to find a surface where I could lay the tape down + reposition, if needed, without tearing it.

I create hand-made stencils and templates with transparencies so I had a lot of them in stock. I decided to use a clean transparency as my base to keep the tape stationery while I stamped.
...worked like a charm!

STEP 1 // Cover the entire surface of the transparency with strips of masking tape. 

Creating Washi Tape with masking tape; STEP 1 Lay down masking tape

STEP 2 // Select a variety of stamps + inks you want to use

Creating Washi Tape with masking tape; STEP 2 Select stamps
Creating Washi Tape with masking tape; STEP 2 Select stamps
RubberMoon Alphabet stamp + my own, hand-carved numbers stamp

STEP 3 // Ink the stamps

I really like the coverage of VersaFine inks (by Imagine Crafts / Tsukineko). They are archival, instant dry pigment inks and the colors stay bold and vibrant - perfect!

For this project, I used Onyx Black and simply applied the ink by dabbing a generous amount on top of the stamp I was working on.

Creating Washi Tape; STEP 3, ink the stamps (Pandas & Numbers)
Oh, look at these cute pandas! I LOVE me some pandas! 

STEP 4 // Drying time + Varnishing

Now, the only complaint I have about working on masking tape is that it takes forever for the ink to dry. I did use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process but once the ink was dry, it still smeared just a bit.

I'd recommend letting them dry overnight and spraying them with a matte finish varnish to protect them.

Creating Washi Tape with masking tape, STEP 4 allow to dry + varnish
Other stamps used: Script and border flourish stamps from Stampendous Stack Art Kit; Butterfly (A Stamp in the Hand Co.)
*Note: this project has been submitted to: Mixed Media Monthly Challenge #6  - STAMPS!*

 Overall, I'm super happy with the results!

Have you ever made your own washi tape? If so, add a link in the comment section...I'd love to see!

Happy creating, xoxo


  1. What an interesting project. I love that you carve your own stamps. Thanks for joining us at The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge.

  2. such a great idea to use masking tape! these look like a lot of fun to have on hand! Thank you so much for playing with the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge!


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