Thursday, February 27, 2014

Model for a Day: Adam Clague Portrait and Figure Workshop

This afternoon, I had the honor of modeling for Adam Clague during his Figurative Workshop!!
I first heard of Adam a few weeks ago through Got Art Gallery, my local art gallery in Lee's Summit (same place where I exhibited my illustrations from my 30 day art challenge).

I've modeled a few times before, while in college, but this time I was more at ease- probably because every single student was so nice and sweet! Although my modeling session only lasted for 3 hours, the time seemed to fly by very quickly.

The students' abundance of admiration was second-to-none and it was fun to hear them point out which of my features they enjoyed painting.

I was so excited about their paintings, that I just had to share them with you, too!

Portrait by Mariposa Art, Feb 2014
Ha haa! There I am, 'sitting as still as stone'...well, at least I was trying to sit that still. This gorgeous painting is by "Mariposa Art".

Adam Clague Portrait and Figure Workshop at Got Art Gallery
Promotional for Adam Claugue's Portrait and Figure Workshop, hosted at Got Art Gallery.

Take a look at these wonderful portraits:
Adam Clague's workshop students, Feb 2014
Artists, from upper left, clockwise: Susan Wilson, Sheila Borne-Bundy, Joyce Miller, Tammie Lynn Dickerson.

It really helps when the artists, who are drawing or painting from the model, to loosen up, converse with each other and most importantly, LAUGH! Look at how loose and expressive those brushstrokes are.

It was exciting to witness their interpretation of me, unfold through their hands. I loved chatting with each artist, listening to them talk about the challenges they were facing and their improvements throughout the course of the workshop...

...yes, there were even those challenging features like- you guessed it- my hair! Now, how ironic is that?!

Artist John Ulett utilizing the "Zorn palette"
Painting and paint palette by John Ulett. John explains the "Zorn palette" as using only a few, carefully selected colors.

Some of those challenges were figuring out which colors to use for my skin tone and my hair. They saw hints of crimson, purple and dark blue reflective colors in my hair! Cool, huh?!
Their range of style was so diverse- as most of them were not portrait painters (Sure fooled me!). Some were wildlife and still-life artists, muralists, pastel portraiture, plein air artists and there were a couple of students who had picked up their paintbrushes, well after 20 years. 

I love how Pat Deeter captured my high cheekbones! Reminds me of my Grandmama, who was Cherokee and Creek Indian.
Desiree Young's interpretation of Martice Smith II; Feb 2014
Desiree Young's interpretation. I loved her unconventional surface! It was extremely slick; similar to a dry erase board. She explained how difficult it was to keep the paint from sliding around and lifting off with every brush stroke.

Workshop instructor Adam Clague at Got Art Gallery, Feb 2014
Workshop instructor, Adam Clague, helping a student emphasize lights and shadows on a model's face.
I love to smile, laugh and joke. So, if I ever have the privilege of modeling for you, expect to see just that! Serendipitous moments should be enjoyed to really capture a person's essence and sprinkle some character into their portrait. 

In my opinion, every student excelled. How brave they all were...what a day to remember.

A very special 'thank you' goes out to Adam and Andrea Clague and the incredible students of his workshop!

 Here's to your success,

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  1. Wow! That's so cool that you got to model for a class!
    And they painted you as beautiful as you are!
    I really love the painting by "Mariposa Art"! It's really beautiful!
    John Ulett is my favorite! He really captured your beauty and brought out every little detail!
    It's really gorgeous! Just stunning!
    I like Desiree Young's work as well. She made you very youthful and vibrant!
    I love the shine coming from your face and the light and beautiful background!
    All such talented artists!



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