Thursday, August 1, 2019

In a creative dry spell? Here's what to do...

What question have you always wanted to ask an artist but never gotten an answer to?

No matter where you are on your creative journey, you don't have to feel alone, wallow in grief or be embarrassed to admit that you have inner critics tap-dancing like maniacs on your self-confidence.

* Ugh! Darn those gremlins! *

When I first started my freelance illustration business in 2011, I remember praying for someone to come along, notice me, teach me the ropes on becoming a thriving artist-entrepreneur.

I was waiting to be "picked" instead of picking myself.

After this realization, I decided to go full-force with learning everything about marketing + worked on my mindset of FAITH over fear.

And guess what? I was blessed with opportunities to have over 30 solo exhibitions, my art published in two best-selling books + invited to be a guest designer for blogs like Jane Davenport, StencilGirl Products + DecoArt.

Wishing + hoping didn't get the job done, boo-boo. I chose to become my own knight in shining armor. I was the one riding the freakin' Palomino stallion. I started calling those things which be not as though they were!! (Romans 4:17)

One of the things I’ve learned since starting my creative business is how important it is to have FuN along the way.

Are you struggling with any of these roadblocks?
  • Loosening up. You feel like your art-making is too literal, too uptight. Those snobby inner critics keep holding you back.
  • The fear of not being good enough because you have no formal training.
  • Lack of confidence, OCD + thinking way too much into things.
  • Analysis paralysis in choosing what to do + how to best use your time.

A creative dry spell can strike at any moment. That's why I want to help artists create strategies to get outta their own way, replenish their idea well + get their creativity flowing again.

Need to gain clarity around which direction you need to take?

Book Your Complimentary Discovery Call!

I’m ready to support you in rewiring the way you're thinking or feeling about your goals + remove the patterns or blocks causing you to second guess your creativity.

I create customized game plans for enthusiastic, friendly + ambitious creatives - are you one of them? Will you be my next BFF coaching client? I hope so!

My only request is that if you decide to hop on a call with me, that you're prepared to receive + be open to possibilities. You have nothing to lose. There's no obligation to purchase anything from me.

If you say 'YES, sign me up right now!', just know this: I ADORE YOU!!!

Bring that same creative spirit + your curiosity + join the fun by signing up for a 20-minute chat with me!

This opportunity is a super-specific, breakthrough experience. 🤯 If you've been waiting for a sign...this my possum, is it! And it's flashing neon pink!

Grab your spot now ➡️

BiG hugs + high-fives!!!

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