Thursday, August 18, 2016

24 Epic Art Journaling Playdates: I'm teaching with 21 Secrets!

Join Martice in 21 Secrets! Her workshop is called 'Metallic Mandalas + Expressive Journaling'
Scene from one of my videos in 21 Secrets.My workshop is called 'Metallic Mandalas + Expressive Journaling'

A few months ago, Connie, from Dirty Footprints Studio, invited me to be one of the teachers for her annual, collaborative workshop called 21 Secrets.

She's one of the biggest sweetheart ladies I know. She kinda reminds me of you: a generous, caring soul who gifts hugs like there's no tomorrow + likes to get wild, smooshing thick acrylic paints around in her art journals with her fingers. 

Our workshop theme is COLOR!  

Obviously, my answer to her invitation was, YEESSSS!!!

If you've seen my work, you'll see just how much I like adore color. Trust me, chica...I'm a lost case when it comes to slangin' color around. There - another secret, out.

::looks away, innocently::

Hey! Lookie here...

Martice Smith is a teacher in 21 Secrets!

I know how much you LOVE sneak peeks, so, here ya go!

Sneak peek into Martice Smith's workshop: 'Metallic Mandalas + Expressive Journaling'

Sneak peek into Martice Smith's workshop: 'Metallic Mandalas + Expressive Journaling'

Just imagine:
  • Creating journal page after journal page, armed with the confidence + skill to create the art of your most colorful dreams
  • Kicking 'blank page' overwhelm to the curb + learning how to explore + document inspiration, like a pro
  • Basking in the sense of accomplishment you feel after finishing a journal spread, worthy of sharing with your family...even friends online!

This could be your new reality, once you dive into...

21 Secrets Fall 2016 with Martice Smith II JOIN US HERE:

I had a blast making + filming this workshop for you!
There are 4 videos in my workshop BUT there's so much more! If you decide to join us, you'll receive 23 additional workshops on all things COLOR!

My goodness!
24 different teachers pouring out their hearts onto colorful palettes + sharing mixed media techniques to enhance your art journaling experience. 

There's a sale happenin' right now!*

21 Secrets Fall 2016 with Martice Smith II JOIN US HERE:

Use this code at checkout to save $10: COLOR 
(Remember, this code is good from Aug 17th - 19th.)

The regular price of the workshop is a super steal - it's ONLY $98 (USD) YES! For the entire workshop!

A downloadable PDF will be sent to all participants on Monday, September 26th.
  • Pick and choose which workshop to start with first
  • It's all self-paced, no deadlines!
  • There's a private Facebook community waiting to 'oooh + ahhh' all over your precious creations

Wanna know who the other 23 teachers are + what their workshops are about?

*When you click over to 21 SECRETS from a link at my site, you are using an affiliate code. That just means I receive support from your purchase, at no extra cost to you, should you choose to join us. Your support means the world to me + it helps me create more of the classes you LOVE.
Thank you, from my heart to yours.

Showering you with confetti,
COLOR, take me awayyy...... 

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