Sunday, December 20, 2015

Getting Creative with Cases and Stencils

Hellooo art sistahs! 

Have you ever purchased a plain protective case for your cell phone or iPad with the intention of decorating it yourself, only to realize months have flown by + you're still carrying around that plain ol' tablet public?! ::gasp::

Now, you know betta than that, my friend.

You are an ARTIST!

Use this "blank canvas" as an opportunity to let your gift of creativity shine!

Yes, the color is in your favorite shade of violet but wouldn't you LOVE it even more if yours was customized, making you wanna break dance every time you took it out of your bag to check your email?

I was commissioned to design this special tablet case + documented my entire process, with step-by-step photos.

You will learn how to transform a solid-colored tablet case into a wildly colorful one you won't wanna put down! 

Customized Tablet Case | by Martice Smith II

Customized Tablet Case; StencilGirl stencils, acrylics + paintbrushes

Stencils used in this tutorial: 

Scribble Scratch Handwriting by Carolyn Dube,
Deconstructed Floral Bouquet by Traci Bautista,
Rose Window and Border by Lizzie Mayne

You should've seen how nervous I was to get started...

I didn't want to "ruin" it for my client. BUT she gave me so much encouragement to do my thing + she reassured me that I shouldn't worry because there was no way I could mess it up. 

So, my first marks looked like this...

Customized Tablet Case; first layer of paint

CLICK HERE to see the full tutorial, over on the StencilGirl Talk blog!

Oh! Please be sure to leave a comment letting me know your favorite thing to customize.

Thank you lovelies!


  1. What a fun project! I can see that you truly are an artist! Off to check your tutorial!

  2. I love this! Went to the link and read the tutorial. I'll be painting on something today.


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